Why You Should Consider a Career as a Boilermaker

If you’ve been spending some time in quiet contemplation during quarantine, you’re not alone. Many people around the world are reconsidering their relationship to their work and their career as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of these considerations have to do with the millions of people who have lost their jobs and are unemployed, even individuals who are currently employed may be reconsidering how they want to work, where they want to work, when they want to work, and what they want to do.

All of these questions are logical to consider, and it’s important to have a career that’s as fulfilling as it is financially stable. While there are a lot of different jobs to choose from, some people may find that the career path that makes the most sense for them involves working with machinery like hot water heaters or boilers. Here’s why a career as a boilermaker may actually be the best fit for you—and some key questions to ponder for your career path as you consider different options, such as working with boilers and furnaces.

Working as a boilermaker lets you help others.


Some of the best jobs are the ones where you’re in service to others or to a higher cause. In his book Start with Why, Simon Sinek shares that it’s important to have a strong “why,” or mission, to your work, or you won’t feel fulfilled or succeed. In fact, some of the most impactful career paths are the ones that let you help others since you can see the impact you’re having in others’ lives each day you go to work.

While most people think of doctors, educators, and firemen as jobs that are truly in service to others, they don’t call it “servicing” your water heater for nothing. Most days, homeowners don’t know the first thing about how to inspect or repair their boiler or furnace, so you being able to do that job for them can have a major impact on your life and theirs.

Working as a boilermaker provides an essential service.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in order to reach the top of the pyramid (self-actualization), you need to have other basic needs met. The foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is your physiological needs, meaning that you have food, water, warmth, and rest. A water heater, boiler, or furnace provides that kind of heat and warmth, keeping the temperature regulated properly so that you’re not just comfortable, but you’re also safe.

Installing a new boiler is a cost-effective way to heat a home, since even if your windows and walls are properly insulated, you won’t have much heat without a new boiler. As a boilermaker, you have a direct hand in providing this essential service to others, so that they can live their best lives safely and securely.

Being able to work with boiler systems is more than just getting people into their comfort zone in the winter and summer months. Installing a high-efficiency boiler is also a good choice for those looking to take control of their budget and lower the cost of their utility bill. As such, your ability to find an efficient way to service their boiler is a great option if you want to help others find effective ways to save money if they’ve been paying a lot due to heat loss in recent years.

Working as a boilermaker can be challenging.

It’s also worth noting for those that like to work with their hands and solve problems that working as a boilermaker can definitely involve some puzzles. From figuring out how to fit a water heater in the right location to diagnose why it’s not functioning properly, working as a boilermaker will test your creative problem-solving skills as much as it does your technical knowledge about how boilers work. If you’re a fan of a job that provides a fair amount of variety and lets you solve different problems for others and find the best solution, you’re going to love working as a boilermaker, due to the challenging, yet rewarding, work environment that requires analytics skills.

Working as a boilermaker isn’t for everyone; however, if you have some of the above traits, you may find that the career is quite rewarding. Being challenged regularly and helping others with an essential service is certainly the right recipe for a fulfilling career for most people.

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