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Welcome to Empire

Empire is a Manhattan-centric magazine and daily digital destination for news and cultural coverage. 

We are renowned for in-depth and practical reporting. We provide political and business commentary, lifestyle advice, and cultural insights to keep you informed everyday.

Founded in 2010, Empire is an online publication, known for its variety of coverage on everything from business and finance to lifestyle, culture, and fashion. Empire’s initial focus was on New York social, business, and cultural life, however the magazine gradually acquired a broader scope that encompassed national topics that impact every American. Empire offers a blend of current reporting and commentary, reviews, and practical insight and advice to our readers. 

Empire aims to keep our audience informed with daily posts, essays, and articles. We provide the latest information for how to understand the world around you, how to make decisions that will positively impact your life, and how to relate to an ever-changing country and world around you. Empire stands apart for its commitment to accuracy and quality, and for its insistence on connecting with every reader.

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