What to Look for When Buying a Home: Looking Beyond Cosmetics

Congratulations! You’ve decided to find a home to own. This is a very exciting time in your life, but you may feel swamped and overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out everything you need to make this investment. While it is no secret that there is a lot you need to know when looking for the right home for you, there are some important details you need to be aware of when house shopping. Here are some additional details to look out for when buying a home, that is not all cosmetic related.

Online Property Records.


Unless your home is brand new and just built, it is of the utmost importance to look up the home’s property records online. This public information is easily available online and can tell you a lot of important details about the home’s past. Not only will these land records provide you with the legal description of the home and its property information, but it will also tell you the age of the house, who is on the current deed, whether a lien has been placed on the property if the appropriate permits were filed for remodeling projects, and if there was any large damage done. Like a used car, you will want to know the state of the home before you buy it, so if you are looking for how to find online property records, speak to your realtor for more information.

Your Future Wants and Needs


Chances are, purchasing a home will be one of the largest investments you make in a lifetime. With this in mind, you want to ensure the home you choose has the ability to adapt and grow for your future needs and wants. For example, are you planning on staying at your current job for the foreseeable future so you can keep up with the payments? Are you planning on getting married and having children? If so, is the home big enough to accommodate your expanding family? Keep all these details in mind when checking out homes and you won’t have to deal with moving into another house a few years from now.

The HVAC system and Ventilation


Any home requires a reliable HVAC system to keep the indoor environment healthy, safe and comfortable. But, unfortunately, first-time homeowners don’t always notice the home’s HVAC system until it is broken or damaged. You’ll want to take a thorough look at the air conditioner and furnace in the home to see that it is up to snuff and the indoor air quality and mold levels are safe and clean for your family to live in the space. Mold and other pollutants can be very dangerous, especially if you or a family member has asthma. If you have any questions about what exactly you should be looking for in your air conditioner, you can always bring a professional HVAC technician to take a look.

Your Future Neighborhood


Sure, you may have found a perfect home for you. But, what does the location tell you? There is plenty of neighborhood wants and needs to keep in mind when looking for a home. Is the area safe for you to be alone at night and for children to grow up in? Can you walk around to get to all the shops you need? Is the home located near grocery stores, malls, doctor’s offices, and in an optimal school district? What about your potential commute to work? Think about these important details before you put in an offer, as no house can become a home without a great neighborhood behind it.

Looking for the perfect home isn’t only about looking at different cosmetic features of the home, it is about digging deeper and keeping these important details in mind. So don’t forget these things when you’re out house hunting, and you will be sure you choose the right home for you!

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