Items to Help You Through a Residential Treatment Program

When you decide to enter a residential treatment center, you’ll inevitably feel some nerves. After all, you’re already dealing with whatever mental health struggles have led you to seek treatment, and now you’ll be doing so in an unfamiliar space surrounded by strangers.

Nevertheless, a residential treatment program is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get the treatment you need. To make it easier to get the help you need, many options can make your time in residential treatment easier by keeping you comfortable, reminding you of home, and ensuring your loved ones’ support is clear, even if it’s felt like a lifetime since you last saw them.

Of course, before you enter a residential program, be sure to review any guidelines to make sure the belongings you’re hoping to bring are allowed.

Essential Oils


Whether you swear by oils for every ailment or you’re only just getting to know the benefits aromatherapy can provide, essential oils can help you move into your residential program more smoothly. In a diffuser or smelt directly, you might find that essential oil can help ground you during times of distress. Lavender, for example, is an oil that is often recommended for anxiety and other mental health concerns.

The scent of peppermint can help improve your focus and boost your mood, whether you’re in group therapy or tackling a problem one-on-one with a therapist. Whether you choose to bring a particularly relaxing blend or you seek out the best essential oils for a specific symptom, the aroma of essential oil can help you feel better through the transition into treatment and long after.

A Comfort Item


Maybe you turn to a particular sweatshirt to feel secure in unfamiliar situations. You might be happiest with a certain stuffed animal or blanket. Child, adolescent, or adult, there’s no reason you can’t bring some sort of comforting item to your treatment center. You can even find stuffed toys and pillows scented with a favorite essential oil for an even more relaxing presence.

Through the residential program, you’ll be surrounded by mental health professionals and others who are looking for the same thing you are—improved emotional health and wellness. There’s no need to be embarrassed if your most comfortable object seems childish or unnecessary. Chances are, the closest you’ll find to a negative reaction from the people around you is some level of envy that they didn’t think to do the same.



Residential treatment focuses on helping you to feel better, but that doesn’t mean you won’t crave an occasional distraction. Consider adding a collection of sudoku or crossword puzzles or a favorite book to your bags when you head to the treatment center.

Some treatment programs will even allow you to bring a Kindle or similar e-reader, even if they don’t encourage other electronic devices. Even in our increasingly digital world, it’s almost certain that you have a hobby or interest that’s offline and could be a healthy addition to your treatment—alternatively, you might find this is just the motivation you needed to try something you’ve always meant to.

As helpful as a residential treatment center can be to your overall health and well-being, it can also be an anxiety-inducing time of your life. While there’s sure to be some uncertainty ahead, you may find that including a few particular items can make you feel more comfortable while you’re there. Whether you choose a few essential oils for a calming fragrance or you pack a favorite book or comfort object, the right addition to your luggage can be the key to a less intimidating treatment process.

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