How To Upgrade Your Home Instead of Buying a New One

Home improvement projects operate as the backbone of modern U.S. homeownership. The renovation industry is a massive one in the United States, bringing in a staggering $400 billion every year across the country. Homeowners know—to varying degrees—that improvement projects are essential to great price appreciation over the years as well as the peace of mind and comfort that comes from a well-tailored home that meets all of their needs and specifications.

The truth is that while the average U.S. homeowner will only remain in their property for around 13 years, the real estate that they own is likely their most valuable property asset. Homes and the land that they are built on appreciating at a rapid pace over a decade or more of typical homeownership, and whether you plan a long future in the property or not, home improvement is a necessary element of the endeavor.

Home improvement adds value in a number of ways.


Home improvement can produce an even faster pace of price appreciation within your home, giving you access to greater opportunities for borrowing with the help of property collateral or in the resale value when you eventually decide to list the property and move on to a new home that better suits your needs. Yet for owners who haven’t reached that point yet, renovations can provide a much-needed change of pace in the space and beyond it out into patio or garden areas.

Upgrading your home can keep the property relevant and useful for your family’s evolving needs and hobbies far longer than the average ownership duration. With these great projects in mind, maintaining a fresh space for you and your family can be made easy!

Start in the bathroom for a luxury upgrade space.


The bathroom offers virtually unlimited potential for property owners who are trying to improve upon their home’s comfort, luxury, and financial value. With a professional bathroom remodel in Clearwater, FL, you can build the bathroom of your dreams with little headache. Many professional contractors work with some of the best local vendors, and with years of experience in the industry, these professionals are excellent at helping you to craft the perfect luxury amenities and make your vision become a reality. Whether you’re thinking of adding a tub, remodeling the tile and other floor elements, or installing new sinks and plumbing to create an upgraded amenity that’s luxurious and comforting, a remodeling pro is your best bet.

Consider outdoor additions as well.


Pulling a remodeling project together requires you to focus on a few different elements either together or in rapid succession. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the patio or garden space that surrounds your property. Homeowners gain the greatest sense of relaxation and comfort in their homes when they can escape and enjoy the great outdoors while remaining firmly planted on their property.

Outside space can transform a property from a house into a home, so considering a pool, new decking, or barbecue space is a great way to bring the project together with gusto. Prosper, TX pool builders are a great resource during the remodel once it reaches the exterior spaces of the home. While indoor amenities go a long way toward improving your daily quality of life, there’s just nothing quite like a pool and garden in the backyard of a home with character. Consider this upgrade in order to cement your home as a fantastic gathering space for friends and family.

With these remodeling ideas in mind, you can start gaining a greater appreciation from your home in all aspects of the project of property ownership.

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