How to Start A Home Improvement Blog

You’ve got a great eye, some expertise, and you’re ready to write! Starting a blog can be a really exciting and fulfilling project, especially during the pandemic. Starting out, you’ll just be writing for a small audience, but eventually, your blog may get enough traffic that you could be sponsored and make some money off of your passion project.

One of the hottest topics right now is home improvement. From the more technical aspects to styling aesthetics, people are looking for guidance and inspiration, which you can absolutely provide. Wondering how to get started? Here are a few tips to start you on your blog writing journey.

Give yourself a lot of options.

When you’re first starting out, you’re going to have a lot of different ideas about what pieces you’d like to write and highlight on your blog. If you’re feeling inspired, set the groundwork now, so that you’ve already brainstormed in preparation.

Images are the most important part of a blog, outside of good writing and accurate information. Now, more than ever, people are drawn in by visuals. If you want people to actually take the time to read what you wrote, you’ve got to catch their attention with pictures of your projects or the projects you’re inspired by.

In order to have easy access to the pictures you take, make sure you have a personal cloud device that stores all of your images. Any time you see something that inspires you or you finish your own project, take a lot of pictures from different angles to capture the whole space. With the right private photo sharing app, your pictures will automatically upload to a private album, so you’ll be able to share them easily with a business partner and know that they’re safe. That way everyone’s drawing inspiration from the same place, which means everyone’s on the same page. Saving your photos in a private album online with unlimited storage is a great way to organize your individual photos and use them easily in any photo app.

Don’t forget about curb appeal.

When you think of a home improvement, you’re probably focused on the physical structure of the home. What it looks like, how it functions, and what’s inside of it. While you’re writing your blogs, don’t forget about a major factor in curb appeal: landscaping and lawn care. Highlighting some of the most beautiful landscaping in any given area can really inspire your readers. Not everyone has the money to do an entire exterior facelift on his or her home. Encouraging people to bring in greenery or take care of their lawn to compliment the size and shape of their house can be a game-changer. Adding a few new features when it comes to greenery can be inexpensive to give your whole home a facelift.

Depending on the region that your readers live in, the landscaping can look very different. Some people live in more arid climates, while others have lush greenery. It might be a good idea to highlight different areas, and how they do their landscaping. For example, you can do an entire blog on just Colorado landscape design and then another in Florida. By breaking it down by state, your readers will all feel seen, and excited to start their own projects.

Commit to your blog.

Even if this blog is something you’re doing for fun, in order to actually reach readers, you have to be writing consistently and well. According to Forbes, even if your content is interesting, you’ll lose readership if you don’t edit closely for spelling and grammar errors because it makes you look less reputable. If editing isn’t something you’re interested in or good at, ask a family member or close friend to take a look before you post. Once you catch a reader’s eye, they expect you to keep providing them with the information they require to make their home the best place possible. Even on days that you don’t feel like writing, think about how much you could help someone if you post on that day.

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