How To Set Your Startup Team Up for Success

According to Forbes, about 10 percent of startups fail in their founding year, while 70 percent never make it past their fifth year in business. No doubt, several factors contribute to this alarming rate; however, it’s essential to always keep your startup team organized and focused on your organization’s big goal. Here are a few tips for setting your startup team for success.

Familiarize the team with the right skills.


After grounding your business idea, the first step is to find new people who share your vision and can manage your daily operations. Efforts from these people will create a springboard on which your business can grow. Your startup’s team needs to be well-rounded and diverse in skills and backgrounds. You may need specific people from specialized backgrounds depending on your company’s industry or niche.

As a general business rule, startups thrive on sales, grow with innovation, and gain a competitive advantage through growth and branding. So, you need people working along these areas to ensure your business doesn’t become another failed statistic. Other generalized competencies like conversational skills can also significantly improve your workforce. How your employees conversate, and the type of conversation they have can improve productivity or undercut efficiency.

Leverage big data for better security.

Data is an important part of modern businesses and you might be losing out on a ton of opportunities if you’re not gathering your organization’s data and transforming them into insightful analytics for better decision-making. To ensure you’re business is secure, collect as much data as possible by leveraging third-party data from various data sources, including Chan Boards. But exactly what are Chan boards? Chan boards are often known as imageboards that exist on the surface and deep web as anonymous posting forums for a variety of topics. Many people create chan sites for a number of reasons. However, over the years, chan boards have become a breeding ground for terrorists and other security-threatening groups planning one illegal activity after the other. This has gained the attention of law enforcement professionals who continue to monitor these sites for pre-meditated attacks so they can foil them in time. Leveraging these insights can be a great way to improve your organization’s data management security efforts.

Have daily meetings.

Your startup’s workforce can exist on multiple levels, from superiors to new entrants. Moving through the day’s work with a strict focus on core tasks can be challenging for all employees. What’s more, it’s easy for employees to get distracted while performing their daily duties. Others may lose sight of their duties, especially if there’s no specific attempt to increase awareness of what your startup has to achieve daily. That’s why daily standup meetings are essential. They put your employees on the same page to achieve your organizational goals and can efficiently sustain a deep focus on core activities.

Keep communication open.


Communication is a mainstay of everyday life and startups require effective communication strategies to set their teams towards success. The form of communication your startup subscribes to can impact your workforce in several ways. For instance, choosing group conversations that favor only a sector of your workforce can dampen the morale of others. It’s best to keep organizational communication open. That way, your startup’s communicative ability and efforts don’t leave any of your team members behind.

Instill a continuous improvement culture.

Startups need significant operational efficiency levels to grow and scale in their industries. A huge part of your startup’s success depends on your employees’ quest to continually improve your products and services. For this reason, many startups adopt lean management and several other management approaches to ensure employees perform their tasks with little room for wasteful operations.

All in all, setting up your startup’s team for success takes time and significant commitment from all members. These tips can lead your startup team to success and help you sustain it for the long haul.

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