How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

Wintertime is a special season. Whether you live in a northern city where the temperature drops precipitously or the countryside of the rural south where rolling hills and a chill in the air mean it’s time for hoodies and long socks, the winter is a time for family and coziness, unlike any other season.

Preparing for the winter takes some doing, though. For new homeowners, it means taking care of a few last minute renovation projects or hiring a contractor to do some fixes before the dropping temperatures make for a disastrously cold few months indoors and out. But these projects are typically routine and require only minor maintenance once you get the hang of them.

Start on the roof.

Every fall you should check your roof for leaks, broken shingles, and cracked base layers. The average roof will last you 20 years, so many homeowners only need to replace one during their time in the home. However, the elements — rain, hailstones, and snow — have a way of wreaking havoc on this essential feature of any home, requiring either a major roof project or even, at times, a new roof. Without proper care every year your roof’s life expectancy drops significantly. This means climbing up on the top of your house every year to clean gutters, check for breaks or leaks, and replace any broken tiles you may find in the process.

If your roof is failing, you’ll need to find a Denver roofer immediately to do a great job putting in a new roof or do significant roof repairs to the structure of your exteriors. Through the winter, your roof is the primary line of defense against cold, rain, and snow, so a faulty covering puts your family and your belongings in the firing line. Any heavy snowfall could spell the end of the roof altogether, leaving you with an immediate need for the replacement and the bill for repairing any internal damage that occurs as a result of leaks.

Make sure your heating is up to scratch.

Regular upkeep on your air conditioning unit is essential year-round, but especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. There is a small window in the spring and fall when you may not need the climate control functions of your home at all. This brief period, especially in the fall, is the perfect time to conduct repair work or a full replacement on your heating and cooling system. Prices rise and the availability of technicians drops off during the high usage months, so conducting any upgrades or repair work on your heating device before you need it is crucial to getting your home ready for the chilly months.

Check your windows for leaks.

Leaky windows cost homeowners an exorbitant amount of money during the cold periods of the year. Heat flows out through natural leaks in old windows at an alarming rate, meaning you are paying, during the most expensive energy months, to heat the inside of your home as well as its immediate surroundings in your front and back yards. Looking into double glazed replacement windows in Allentown is a great way to short circuit this cycle of throwing away cash. The savings will really add up, perhaps even coming to outweigh the cost of a replacement window installation. The truth is, you would have had to schedule window installation in the years to come anyway, so it makes sense to enjoy the added benefits of new efficient windows in the meanwhile. Getting energy-efficient windows installed in a timely manner will save you money, make for easy cleaning, and will make your exteriors look great as well!

Preparing your home for the wintertime takes a little foresight, and a bit of maintenance work on the exteriors of your home before the weather begins to turn, but the savings in cash and peace of mind that it will bring you during these cold months spent with hot chocolate and blankets is worth all the preparation and then some.

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