How Salesforce Can Be Used in Health-Based Businesses

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, health and wellness has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The demand for personal care items, such as vitamins and supplements, is at an all-time high at the moment, and many supplement businesses are trying hard to keep up. In order to meet the specific needs of their customers, many businesses are integrating software solutions that allow them to uniquely configure their products. Product configuration and customization are crucial to the success of vitamin companies, but it’s not something that can easily be accomplished on their own. This is why software integrations are so essential in the industry.


The Benefits of CPQ Applications in the Healthcare Manufacturing Industry

One software integration that is especially beneficial in the industry is CPQ. The CPQ acronym stands for configuring, price, and quote. The CPQ software system allows manufacturers to streamline the configuration and sales process. Configure One is a leader in software solutions for manufacturing and industrial companies. Their Salesforce CPQ is an essential integration that can completely change the way supplement manufacturers operate. By leveraging the abilities of their existing Salesforce CRM interface and combining it with Configure One’s powerful CPQ software, your sales team can easily complete the ordering and renewal processes.


As the manufacturer of medical equipment or products, offering custom configurations is crucial, but it can also be a tedious and costly process. Your entire company can benefit from CPQ integrations, not just the salespeople. With CPQ software integrations from Configure One, the sales process is simplified as the customer and quote data is automatically transferred from your existing Salesforce interface into the CPQ software platform. You no longer need to worry about duplicate or inaccurate data entries because the CPQ software eliminates the risk of human error. With CPQ, dual-entry between different interfaces has become obsolete, saving both your sales staff and customers valuable time. The CPQ software also stores the data for every unique package and configuration, which helps streamline the sales process moving forward for return customers.

Efficiently Creating High-Quality Health and Wellness Products

Sales organizations in the medical field have experienced a huge influx in business in the past year due to the pandemic. The mindset of many sales reps and sales organizations is to efficiently get their customers the medications and products that they so greatly need during this time. This is why Salesforce is an essential business application. As a CRM application, Salesforce allows salespeople and administrators to efficiently connect with buyers in order to learn and meet their needs. Vitamins and dietary supplements are one area of the health and personal care products industry that have been greatly impacted during this time, and supplement sales reps and suppliers largely employ SaaS integrations such as Salesforce.


In order to sell vitamins and supplements that are highly effective, you need a product development team and manufacturer to help you through the production process. Makers Nutrition is a trusted softgel manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. With a CRM SaaS integration, you can work with your customers to create a custom product configuration that works for them. Then, by partnering with Makers Nutrition, you can create a dietary supplement with an entirely custom formula for your client. Developing a new product with a custom formulation isn’t an easy task, but Makers Nutrition works with you throughout the entire process of product development and manufacturing.


All of the possible formulations that Makers Nutrition can help you create are safe and efficacious. Purity and potency are the priority in all of their formulations of nutritional supplements. All of their ingredients are FDA approved and diligently tested. FDA approval is key for nutritional supplements made in the United States, as some vitamin manufacturers have been found to be using unsafe materials in their products. This is why all of Makers Nutrition’s formulations only use raw materials that have FDA approval, and all of their facilities meet and exceed cGMP regulations.

If you’re looking to create specialty products with custom formulas, Makers Nutrition can help make your ideas a reality, and Salesforce CPQ will help you sell them.

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