How Can I Study and Travel at the Same Time?

There’s nothing like a road trip to get you away from the ordinary, and exploring parts of the U.S. that you never even knew were within driving distance. However, we don’t want to allow a getaway to impact our education. The good news is there are ways to create a balance that allows broadening your horizons both on the open road while pursuing opportunities within your degree program.

Longer Treks


If you’re getting behind the wheel by yourself, make sure that you’re roadtripping with style. Be prepared by packing snacks and getting your vehicle ready for the trek ahead. If you’re accompanied by friends or family members on your road trip, it’ll be better for your study habits. Taking the back seat while someone else drivers is an opportune time to open your books and stay on top of research for your degree.

If you’re flying across the United States, you can take those hours that you’re seated on the plane as a chance to create your own study hall. This will give you time to tackle a topic that is helping you prepare for what’s to come in pursuit of your bachelor’s degree, as you start to carve your collegiate career path.

Hotel and TV Time


Whether you’re going to journalism school or network engineer school for computer science or information technology, there’s nothing wrong with taking time at a hotel to yourself. Turn on the TV or go explore the pool, but make sure you allow yourself time to study. For example, if it’s the weekend, treat it as such. However, if you find yourself just hanging out in the hotel, take the time to focus on your coursework to maintain enrollment in your current program.

There may be a high demand for your focus, depending on the course material for an undergraduate degree. Make sure you keep yourself in a mindset to study but don’t hesitate to hold yourself to a set of standards. This will keep you regimented as to when you need to log on for class when to take time to hit the books, and when to allow yourself to rest.

Learning on the Go


The truth is even while you’re on the go, gaining knowledge never rests. You can take some of your books with you as you’re chilling on the beach, even relying on some old favorites that may come in handy as you pursue your undergraduate or master’s degree. Whatever your brain favors is a great way to keep things running on all cylinders.

It’s also important to take some time while traveling to truly embrace where you are. You don’t have to always rely on course material to get ahead in pursuit of your degree. If you’re pursuing a degree in history, you may want to explore a city for its role in building civilization. Geography and geology majors alike can also get immersed in what these locations have to offer. There’s also an opportunity to embrace local culture and cuisine to broaden your horizons.

Reliable Computer Networks


It’s important to have internet access with a secure network to allow you to Skype into a session with your professor or get to work on an assignment that’s due to help work towards a certificate. You don’t need sophisticated technical skills to help locate routers for WiFi that can give you the time to focus on your coursework.

Be sure to look into network security. Coffee houses may be slightly more susceptible to hacking because of their public access. However, you can work with an IT specialist available through your school to make sure you are heavily protected from any wireless network. This way you can enjoy the balance of being able to enjoy life on the go and exploring the United States while getting that degree.

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