Home Renovation Tips for Snowbirds

There’s no doubt that Florida is one of the best places in the country to spend your winters if you’re not a fan of cold weather. Floridians don’t have to worry about shoveling snow and in some parts of Florida, it’s swimming pool season all year long.

Having a winter home in Miami or Tampa is a dream come true for many people who live in the northeast or midwest. However, that’s also two homes that you have to take care of and maintain. Being a snowbird comes with perks, but it’s not easy. Continue reading to get some home renovation tips just for snowbirds!

Take care of your real home first.

Don’t let the fact that you’re getting ready to spend your winter in the warmth of Tampa cause you to forget that your home in Illinois still has a long and harsh winter ahead of it. Winterizing your main home should be your top priority. After all, nothing will ruin your vacation months in Florida than returning to your home in Chicago to see that a brutal winter has created even more expensive work.

One thing to think about when it comes to keeping outdoor spaces of your home, like the driveway, garage, or even patio well-maintained is concrete floor coatings. Especially your garage floor, where cracks can form when temperatures drop drastically and then spike again. Cracks in your garage floor or basement aren’t just unsightly, either. In fact, they can wind up causing other problems in the foundation of your garage and even damage your car’s tires if you let them go on for too long. Concrete floors need caring for, especially in places where the temperature changes a lot from season to season. By getting your concrete floors professionally coated, whether it’s your garage floor or a finished basement, you increase its lifespan and durability, ultimately avoiding these issues in the first place. A coat of epoxy paint will protect your garage floor and should be applied ahead of the winter months.

Create an outdoor oasis at your second home.

Once you’ve managed everything at your primary residence, it’s time to get to work at your second home. You want this to truly be a vacation destination you look forward to each and every year, so it’s important to renovate key components that help make it feel like your own personal paradise. This is why it’s crucial to renovate your outdoor living space since landscaping can go a long way in making a stylish and functional area to entertain and dine.

Another feature you may want to look into adding to your vacation home is a swimming pool. Particularly if you have grandchildren or don’t live close to the beach, a swimming pool can keep the party going and provide relaxation after a day of touring local museums, too. It’s best to find a local pool builder to help you create your dream swimming area, so head to Google or another search engine and type in “swimming pool builders Tampa” to see what you and a local crew can dream up! A great pool builder can help you make any outdoor dreams come true — an outdoor kitchen, a waterfall, you name it. A new swimming pool will make those winter months even dreamier for any snowbirds.

Prioritize comfort in your vacation home.

Keep in mind that this is your home away from home, so you want to make sure that it feels homey and not like a hotel or someone else’s rented condo. That could mean renovating the kitchen to have a more similar setup to the one you’re familiar with back in the midwest, or buying the same mattress you’re used to in your primary residence. It’s also a good idea to paint your home in colors that cheer you up and spark joy in your life. Even adding framed family photos to the walls can make your vacation home feel like an extension of your lives rather than a vacation destination. The end result will be a place that fits you like a glove no matter what time of the year you’ve chosen to visit.

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