Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Boss

2020 has been one for the record books, but luckily the holiday season is right around the corner and with the year it’s been, we could all use some holiday cheer. Few things quicken the spirit like listening to Christmas tunes, paying way too much for whatever Starbucks decides is the flavor of the season, and shopping for family and friends.

This year when you do your holiday shopping, you should consider putting your boss on the list. Getting a gift for your boss isn’t about scoring points — even though you shouldn’t turn the points down if you do score some — it’s about the same thing gift-giving is always about, showing people you care. Continue reading to get some gift ideas your boss will love.

A Plant


Here’s a fun fact for you: not every Christmas gift has to have a power button or a designer label on it! When you go shopping for your boss, try getting something more personal than just another electronic device or a necktie.

Plants are simple yet meaningful gifts. The fact that plants need care and attention and people need to be needed makes people and plants wonderful companions. If your boss has a green thumb, then plant gifts are a great idea as they’ll grow more fond of the plants with each day that they care for them.



If you have a boss who likes to smoke, then CBD flowers make an excellent gift. CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp and while it has healing properties, it doesn’t cause you to feel high the way the THC in hemp’s cousin marijuana does. CBD flowers come in different strands and flavors and produce different effects — there are even strands to help your boss chill a little!


Is your boss always bringing weird foods to the office and trying to convince you that if you eat them your health will improve? Well, if you have one of those bosses, then you should put a juicer on your Christmas shopping list. We’re not claiming that the juicer will stop your boss from bringing weird health foods to the office, but at least now they’ll also be bringing some delicious all-natural juices to work.

Chocolate Truffles and Hot Cocoa


One of the great things about the holidays is that adults get to chow down on chocolate like children and no one can judge you for it! If your boss is a chocolate lover, then grace them with a box of chocolate truffles with some gourmet hot cocoa on the side. Extra credit if you make your truffles from scratch!

A Charging Station


If your boss is always looking for their phone charger or if their devices seem to be perpetually low on juice, then be thoughtful and get him a charging station. Charging stations are also good for charging and storing accessories like Bluetooth earbuds and watches. Now they can finally stop asking you if they can borrow your charger.

Engraved Flask

Whether or not your boss likes to take a sip toward the end of the workday, they’ll appreciate a whiskey flask with their initials engraved on it. Extra points if the flask is full!

A Vacation

If you want to give your boss a gift that everyone at your office can enjoy, send them on a vacation in the tropics. Give your coworkers a chance to shine with you this holiday season, and invite them to pitch in with you on your boss’s vacation. The more of you who chip in, the lighter your load will be and the better you’ll all look.

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