Balancing a Healthy Diet With Some Treats: Finding That Sweet Spot

A healthy diet doesn’t need to be restrictive. In fact, you can live a healthy lifestyle and eat balanced meals while also enjoying your favorite treats. The key to achieving this is making sure the majority of your meals are nutrient-dense. Most people who are conscious about their health tend to follow the 80-20 rule. Under this guideline, you prioritize eating nutritious meals 80 percent of the time, and 20 percent of the time, you eat whatever you want regardless of the nutritional content.

If you want to balance a healthy diet with some treats, this is a great place to start. For tips on eating healthy, not being restrictive, and really finding that sweet spot, keep reading below.

Find healthy foods you actually enjoy.


Most people find it difficult to be consistent when it comes to eating healthy. This is because their idea of a healthy meal is bland, steamed vegetables and boiled chicken breast. They might force themselves to eat certain ingredients just because those foods are known to be healthy. But if you don’t like brussels sprouts, you really don’t have to eat them! There are plenty of other nutrient-dense vegetables you can opt for instead, like broccoli, spinach, or zucchini. Do a little research, and don’t be afraid to attempt new recipes or try new vegetables. Remember, you don’t have to compromise. You can make meals that are flavorful, easy to whip up, and good for you!

When it comes to beverages, choose water, coffee, or tea.


Skip the soda as much as possible! Water is your body’s best bet. You probably know by now that you should always drink plenty of water throughout the day. But if you don’t enjoy drinking it, you can also opt for other drinks like coffee or tea. SkinnyFit offers the best weight loss detox tea to support weight loss, boost your metabolism, and reduce bloating. This detox tea may also help increase your energy because it has natural ingredients like matcha, oolong, and hibiscus. Plus, the SkinnyFit detox tea comes in a delicious peach flavor! If you plan to use any dietary supplements, remember to consult your doctor.

Limit the number of processed foods.


You probably don’t need this reminder, but it’s good to reiterate: Processed foods are empty calories. That’s why it’s hard to feel full on junk food. Have you ever noticed how your body feels after eating food that’s heavily processed, high in fat, or high in salt? That icky feeling is hard to ignore, and it’s because your body has trouble functioning on calories that don’t contain proper nutrients to nourish it. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to eat chips, fries, and ice cream. These foods are meant to be enjoyed! Just make sure your main sources for energy aren’t coming from processed foods. Feel free to eat a donut after your meal, but don’t rely on just eating donuts to power you through the day.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself!


If every single one of your meals was healthy for weeks on end, you might feel deprived at some point, and that sense of deprivation might lead you to binge on junk food. So, treat yourself once in a while. Buy those pints of ice cream you’ve been eyeing in the freezer aisle, or order macarons online! Nothing says “treat yourself” like a French macaron delivery at your doorstep. Macaron Queen makes high-quality macarons in delicious flavors like double-dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, pistachio, and key lime.

Health, just like many other aspects in life, is all about a balancing act. So, treat your body right, eat delicious food, and don’t restrict yourself. Food is meant to be enjoyed!

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