7 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself This Month

This year has been one that has challenged us in many capacities. You might find yourself struggling to get up in the morning and underwhelmed by the same routine at work. Why not break the monotony and give yourself something to look forward to by planning to invest in yourself next month? With a little motivation and inspiration, you can break your routine and brighten up your life with small changes. Whether you want to learn a new hobby or skill, take a spontaneous road trip, or simply treat yourself to that new pair of boots you’ve been eyeing, go easy on yourself and enjoy a few treats next month.

1. Take a vacation

One of the best ways to treat yourself is to get out of town and go on an adventure. Since air travel is challenging at the moment, you might want to go on a road trip. Taking a long road trip is a great way to explore the United States and all that it has to offer. You can drive along coasts, go on hikes, visit national parks, camp in state parks, and simply be outside in nature and fresh air. The open road evokes freedom, spontaneity, and can be a lot of fun. Traveling by car allows you the freedom to take rest stops, explore small towns, and see sites along the way that you may have otherwise missed.

While on your road trip, you can also explore new activities. You may want to find a great place to bird watch, look for a river or lake to kayak in, or hit the best trails for mountain biking. Also, remember to come prepared for your trip. This includes ensuring you have your insurance up to date, a cooler full of healthy snacks, a road trip playlist, outdoor clothing, and comfortable travel clothes. Pack extra chargers, sunscreen, water, and masks. You will benefit from having a general plan mapped out but most importantly remember to have fun!

2. Update your wardrobe

One of the best ways (and most fun ways!) to treat yourself is to redo your wardrobe. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve fallen into a rut, changing up your style could provide a much-needed confidence booster. Before investing in new pieces, get some inspiration from your favorite magazines and style blogs. You may even want to consult a stylist who can give you some tips on creating a wardrobe rich in sustainable, classic, and fun pieces that are suited to your lifestyle. From new jackets and dresses to shoes and accessories, select pieces that can be used for many occasions.


When it comes to shoes, for example, sneakers are great for streetwear, athletic style, and going out. To completely change up your look, though, you might want to treat yourself to a statement piece such as womens riding boots. This classic look lasts from spring through fall and winter and can be worn with dresses, skirts, or jeans. You can opt for heeled or flat riding boots, choose from a wide variety of colors, and select the fit right for your legs, whether it be a wide calf or more slender style. Splurging on your closet can be a fun hobby that will leave you feeling confident.

3. Explore a new hobby.

Is there something you’ve always dreamt of doing but haven’t gotten around to yet? Why not explore a new hobby? You may benefit from challenging yourself by learning a new skill or getting involved with something outside your comfort zone. There are many different options when it comes to hobbies for men, as well as for hobbies for women so you’re sure to find a great hobby that takes you to the great outdoors.


Perhaps you want to try out rock climbing, which is challenging, great exercise, and a lot of fun. You can join a gym and take a class if you’re a beginner, or join a climbing group and head to the mountains to do some rock climbing in nature. If you’re a fan of winter, you might consider taking a ski lesson, trying out snowboarding, or simply going on a snowy adventure.

Other ideas for popular hobbies include learning a new language or taking lessons for a new instrument. If you’re handy with your hands, why not try pottery or learn how to do woodwork? With new woodworking skills, you can build a table or a cutting board, or even take up whittling. Perhaps one of the best hobbies is beer brewing. This hobby will not only challenge you to do a bit of science and experimenting in the kitchen, but it will also give you a phenomenal reward: a delicious keg of freshly brewed beer. Order a brewing kit, experiment with some recipes, and get that yeast rising. Whatever hobby you choose, you’ll expand your horizons, pick up a new pastime, and learn something new about yourself in the process. A great hobby may even be a distraction from all the Covid-19 craziness around you.

4. Diversify your finances.

Although it may be a more practical way to treat yourself, cleaning up your finances is a great way to take control of your life and plan for your future. Pay off bills, make a short term and long term financial plan, and diversify your income. Make a habit of taking a portion of your paycheck each month and place it into a savings account or invest it in other property or ventures, such as the stock market. Finances and the stock market can be a bit daunting if you don’t understand them, so you may want to reach out to a financial executive, such as Prabir Purohit. By working with a specialist or financial advisor, you can make sure to maximize your profits and may feel more confident in investing in the market. This will ultimately help grow your money and increase the value of your assets, which will lead to an overall more secure future.

5. Re-do your living space.


If you’ve grown tired of your living space, whether it be your living room or your bedroom, maybe it is time for a change. Why not treat yourself by giving your home a makeover? Since you spend an increasing amount of your spare time there, particularly in this current state of the world, make your home relaxing and inspiring. Paint the walls a new color, treat yourself to the couch you’ve been eyeing, invest in some fun art or photography, and add in small touches like houseplants and candles. A home makeover is a great way to cultivate positive energy that can create lasting change in your daily life.

6. Cook yourself a feast.

What better way to unwind, learn something new, and treat yourself than by cooking a fancy meal after a long week? There is something satisfying about learning to cook something new from scratch. Dig up a new recipe for some inspiration, hit the grocery store to get the ingredients, roll up your sleeves, and get adventurous in the kitchen. You’ll learn a new skill, engage your creative side, and end up with an even more satisfying end product: a delicious meal that you can enjoy as a product of your own hard work. Splurge on your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy your feast!

7. Have a self-care day.


Sometimes all you need is a bit of self-care. Taking time to slow down at the end of the day is important. Plan a day of self-care activities to help rest and restore yourself. Put away technology and reconnect to yourself. You can take a day trip to a lake or beach with a picnic. Or you can plan a day at home. Pick up a good book, journal, have a solo dance party, make an at-home spa. Any of these options can be an excellent way to treat yourself. Simply take the time to relax and you’ll head into the next month feeling recharged.

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