6 Jewelry Maintenance Tips for Sparkling Pieces

In recent years, jewelry has caught on as not just a fashion statement, but a valuable investment. To maintain your asset, it’s important to choose pieces of the highest quality, most reputable origins, and minimal, if any, modifications. But, when it comes to the gems you showcase in your favorite bracelet, necklace, earrings, or other pieces, your maintenance efforts throughout its life are key. By taking care of your most valuable and most beloved jewelry, you can prolong their life and maintain the value of your gemstones.

1. Know the type of jewelry you have.


Depending on the type of pieces you have, the best cleaner to use will vary. Many storebought cleaners specify that they’re best for silver, gold, diamonds, or another particular metal or gemstone. Using that same cleaner on a different material, or even a piece of costume jewelry may not have the intended results. Be sure you’re using the proper cleaners on your pieces at home, or have them professionally cleaned to reduce the risk.

2. Clean your jewels regularly.


Whether you’ve scheduled a professional cleaning or you’ve researched the proper methods and materials to do it yourself, it’s important to clean your jewelry regularly. If you mistakenly leave your favorite sapphire bracelet on and your go-to hand lotion gets clumped around the stones, you’ll want to clean it well to remove any residue. But cleaning your jewels doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Take time to clean at least your most-worn pieces often, or schedule regular cleaning appointments at your local jewelry store.

3. Pay attention to your daily routine.


Unless you’ve bought gemstones with the sole purpose of having a valuable liquid asset, you’re likely wearing your bracelet, earrings, necklace, or other pieces fairly regularly. The things you do while wearing your jewelry are just as critical as the ways you care for the pieces more directly. Consider—do apply lotions, wash dishes, or perform other tasks while wearing your engagement ring? Does your diamond necklace stay on in the shower? The chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products can be detrimental to your jewelry’s shine and overall maintenance.

4. Buy Quality Pieces


It might not help you to maintain existing pieces of a lower quality, investing in more high-quality jewelry in the future will allow for an easier cleaning and maintenance routine over time. When you purchase pieces of the best possible quality, they’ll stay sparkling longer and be kept in good shape more easily.

5. Store your jewels properly.


While cleaning and otherwise maintaining your jewelry makes a world of difference, it’s just as important to take care of your pieces when you aren’t wearing them. Do some research to figure out the best way to store every piece, considering the metal, gemstones, and other qualities of your favorite jewels. Consider the materials lining the box you keep them in, the temperature and humidity you’re storing them in, and whether it’s safe to keep certain gemstones in the same space.

6. Consult the Jeweler


To some degree, you can do research on your own to make sure you’re caring for your pieces properly. But, ultimately, nothing can compare to the expertise of the professionals at your go-to jewelry store. Talk to the staff who sold you your jewelry or to another professional you can depend on. Whether you’re taking your finest pieces in for professional cleaning or your asking about proper maintenance practices, they’re your most reputable source. In some cases, you can find all the care information you need on their website or include it in your original documentation, making it even easier to keep your jewels sparkling!

With the proper care, your jewels can stay sparkling and valuable for decades. Talk to a professional and do your research to ensure your rubies, emeralds, pearls, and other gemstones are maintained with the best methods, paying attention to the metal and other materials used in the piece. With regular cleaning and quality care, the bracelets, earrings, and other pieces you wear now will be the perfect gift to pass through generations.

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