5 Tools You Need for a Successful Online Business

With the shift in consumer spending habits going from shopping at brick and mortar stores to eCommerce platforms, now’s the time to start an online business. Starting an online business is pretty straightforward but to become a successful entrepreneur you need the right tools to help you improve your business’s performance. The more efficiently your online business runs, the more you can focus your efforts on growing your brand identity and authority.

1. Web Development Services

Hiring a Shopify developer is a smart idea if you have an online store and want to increase sales, build your customer base, and streamline operations. The Shopify web developers at EnderTech will design your Shopify store using best practices, increase the loading speed for your online store, feature products in search results, connect third-party tools with store setup, and develop a Shopify app for mobile devices.

The Shopify platform is more than an eCommerce tool for store owners to build an online store. Take your eCommerce store to the next level by working with a team of Shopify experts who have the web design skills to take an eCommerce store at any stage of development to the next level, from early-stage startups to established companies. Brand image is the backbone of any eCommerce business, which is why you should enhance your online store with Shopify design.


2. Video Recording Equipment

When it comes to content, readers love to watch engaging videos. This is especially true for product reviews and how-to guides. You don’t need to spend a lot on professional-grade equipment to create high-quality, engaging video content. All you need is decent recording equipment, such as a digital camera or smartphone, editing programs, and web hosting.

You don’t need to master video editing programs when first starting out, but having a basic understanding of editing will help you edit out pauses and errors, and add animations and music. Video content can be shared on all of your promotional channels including social media and your website. Consumers enjoy watching videos from brands they are loyal to and will happily share your content on their social media. The more positive business reviews a startup has, the sooner you will build credibility, and the more opportunities you have to convert potential customers into loyal customers.


3. OKRS Software

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) software are tools that keep work from home and remote teams connected, aligned, and moving toward results. OKRs are useful for setting strategic priorities, communicating business goals, tracking functions, assigning action items, and measuring key results.

Workboard provides useful OKRs tools to help a project manager oversee complex projects and keep your business moving forward. Companies like Cisco, Workday, Comcast, and Microsoft teams are all part of the Workboard community. No matter what level your online business is at, see how OKRs software from Workboard can help you realize your business goals.


4. Bookkeeping Software

Once your online business starts earning income, you need to use the right bookkeeping software to keep things running smoothly. Bookkeeping software isn’t the most exciting business tool but it’s an essential one for any entrepreneur to succeed. An all-in-one online business accounting tool like Freshbooks can manage all your bookkeeping needs from accepting payments to invoices and expense reports.


5. Email Service Provider

Maintaining communication with your customers is key to succeeding as an online business. Using the right email service provider (ESP) should streamline your communication and make it feel natural. Some ESPs like Weave automate your customer communications with texting, appointment scheduling, and payment reminders. Mailchimp and MailMunch are ESPs that integrates with websites and storefront builders to grow and maintain your email list. ESPs feature pre-made templates to help you design welcome and onboarding emails, and they also feature analytics to help you see how well your emails are performing.

Every business is unique in its own way and grows at its own pace. You may not need all of these tools now, but as your business grows using the right tools will help you achieve your business goals.


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