5 Must-Know Tips for Packing for a Long Trip

You’ve cleared your schedule, and it’s time to go relax on a vacation. Taking a long trip can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Packing is often the most daunting task, from what to actually pack to how many bags you should take along with you. Luckily, there are several simple ways to make packing for your long trip a much smoother process. Here are five tips to make packing for a long stay hassle-free.

1. Get organized.

Many of us have had last-minute trips where we throw whatever’s nearest in a suitcase, but long trips require a bit more organization. Carefully consider how much you need to bring on your trip. Then you can think about luggage options and what would make the most sense. Do you need a carry-on? What’s the maximum number of suitcases you want to bring? This is where you can think about other organizational tools, such as packing cubes and airtight packing bags. Outside of luggage, there are also travel apps that help to make more of your overall time use.

2. Triple-check your documents.

Depending on what type of peaceful vacation destination you have chosen, you may need certain documents. Outside of the United States, certain countries might require a passport or a visa for travel. At the airport, you will have to show your government-issued ID, so make sure you have your license or passport before you leave the house. Your hotel or resort may also require an ID or a credit card at check-in. Keeping all of your necessary documents together in a secure, central location will make them easier to locate when you need to show them to the necessary personnel.

3. Keep the location and itinerary in mind.

When picking the best place for travel, chances are you considered what the weather would be like during your stay. This can help you shape the types of leisure and recreational activities that will be the best fit. It’s also a good idea to plan out what kind of activities you want to partake in to help guide you in other areas. If you want to go on an ever-popular walking tour or visit a few wineries, you know to bring comfortable walking shoes. Want to visit a waterfall in Bali? Pack your favorite swimwear. Considering activities ahead of time will ensure that you maximize your time during your trip.

4. Try not to overpack.

Overpacking is something most of us are guilty of when packing for a trip. A good way to remedy this is to plan your outfits ahead of time. This includes head-to-toe options, so consider your shirt, undergarments, bottoms, and shoes. A great tip here, especially for women, is to bring an item like a back smoothing bra that can be worn under multiple outfits; this way there is no need to bring several types of bodywear for different outfits. Small adjustments like these can help you save space in your luggage for more important items.

5. Don’t forget about Fido.

It can be easy to focus on yourself or your family members when packing for a long trip, but don’t forget about your pets. They need to be comfortable during travel and you may need to make advance accommodations, so always keep this in mind. If you are boarding your pet, you may need to provide up-to-date veterinarian records in order to book their stay. If your pet is traveling with you, make sure to consider any potential anxiety that your fur baby might have along the way. Long drives and flights can be a trigger, which is why pet relief CBD options have become popular. These cannabinoid products are natural and holistic, giving you an alternative to a prescription anxiety drug.

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