4 Ways to Prepare for a Blind Date

Your friends have been telling you for months that they have the perfect person for you, and that they want to set you up on a blind date. While you’ve probably run through a Rolodex of excuses to get out of it letting your friend play matchmaker, you may be ready to cave for that first date.

While a blind date can be an awkward situation, there are ways to prepare yourself for what could be love at first sight, a dating disaster, or even preventable altogether.

1. Do Your Research


While you may trust your friend or family member who set up the date, it doesn’t hurt to do a little digging on that potentially special someone. Get a full name and check on social media to get an early first impression of this person’s likes and dislikes. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more sites can help you spot a red flag in real-time or even discover how good a match you may be.

If you are setting this date up after an interaction on a dating app or dating website, some quick searches could expose some truth regarding that person or their past relationships. It could even potentially help you track down a scammer, and discover how to tell if you’re being catfished. A “catfish” is someone who creates phony profiles with photos that are not their own. If they are avoiding face-to-face interaction, there’s a chance it may be a catfish. Be sure to also check the facts within their chat to see if they actually match up before calling up the MTV show and Nev Schulman.

2. Decide on a Location


When it comes to deciding where to go, don’t put too much pressure on the first date. A simple trip to the coffee shop or meeting for drinks could be in the best interest in order to try and create some small talk in a public environment without the pressure of taking things to the next level. If you’re feeling active, consider taking a walk in the park after drinks or beforehand to see if there is any chemistry.

It is recommended that you arrive for a date via your own method of transportation for safety, and have one available for when the date is over — like a good friend nearby.

3. Dress with Confidence


While you don’t have to get dressed to the nines for a blind date, be sure to dress presentably enough that you are not automatically closing the door on the possibility of a second date. Try to avoid looking like you just came from the gym, and opt for something with a pop like fine jewelry. Even if you don’t have the finances for that, you now can shop pre-owned luxury diamond watches for men and women that include brands like Tag Heuer, Omega, and even a Rolex watch.

Opting to dress for success could keep a potential partner’s eyes on you the whole time, and potentially strike up a conversation.

4. Keep an Open-Mind


As much as you may have rolled your eyes at the idea of a blind date, it’s important to not close the door on the possibility of finding a romantic connection. If you’re wondering how to have a successful blind date, keeping an open mind is key even if you have some doubts about your Facebook profile’s likes and dislikes.

Don’t go into the blind date expecting a great time, a good time, or even a trainwreck. Putting too much pressure on the first time will impact your clarity of the situation. A negative lens could lead singles to miss out on some form of authenticity and a romantic connection while coming in too hot could lead to one of you looking for a fake text message to slip on out. Remain calm, enjoy the company, and see where it goes.

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