4 Things in Your Home That Need Preventative Maintenance

Getting professional help when something goes wrong is part of being a homeowner, but doing preventive maintenance is just as important and can save you a lot of money down the line. In addition to preparing yourself for future problems and potentially avoiding a costly repair later on, you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe, protected, and in working order. When evaluating what maintenance projects make sense for you and your home, it can be overwhelming to decide what to prioritize. If you’re unsure where to start, let’s go over four things in your home that definitely need preventive maintenance.

1. Gutters


One of the most important parts of the exterior of your home are your gutters, and they need to be checked and given regular maintenance. If you’re not familiar with gutter repair, hire a professional, because improper maintenance can end with leaks and water damage in your home. Water damage can be incredibly expensive to fix, with some estimates putting the cost at up to $8000 per room for just an inch of standing water damage.

2. HVAC System


Maintaining your HVAC system well is necessary. You have to keep an eye on your air conditioner both so that it functions properly, and also so you can avoid wasting money on your energy costs by continuing to run an inefficient or malfunctioning HVAC unit. You should get regular preventive maintenance tune-ups for your HVAC system as often as twice yearly, according to many experts. Things like changing the air filter on your air conditioner and ensuring your HVAC unit is operating at peak efficiency are tasks best left to technicians, so don’t try to do this one on your own.

3. Windows


Checking your windows and doors for holes and cracks is essential. Not only is it important for keeping your home functional, but it can also save you money on your energy costs. Check the paint and stain for chips or damage, which can be a sign that the window isn’t protected from water, and ensure that they open and close with ease. If you don’t maintain your windows and eventually need a replacement. A new window can cost over $500 and you could be looking at an estimate of up to $7000 to replace the windows in even a modest three-bedroom, single-story home.

4. Yard and Patio


Trimming and maintaining your trees and shrubbery regularly will keep them from growing into anything where they can cause damage. If you have a deck, pool, or backyard space, it’s also important to keep all fencing, tiles, and structures like a swing set in perfect working order. The last thing you need is for someone to have an accident and hurt themselves while they’re enjoying the yard. These are all problems you want to identify before you have a problem, not wishing that you had done it after someone breaks an ankle on a loose wooden board on your deck.

If you take on any projects that require ongoing or disruptive work, it might be worth it to look at travel and taking some time away to avoid discomfort. It’s the perfect excuse to dream up an epic vacation, if you’re looking for one. There’s nothing better than taking a trip with your loved ones and coming home to a clean and fixed-up home. As a homeowner, it just makes sense to invest in preventive maintenance. You reduce your risk of running into expensive problems in the future, protect yourself and your family from an unsafe or malfunctioning appliance, and it boosts the resale value and appeal of your home should you choose to sell it one day. Don’t let simple fixes and important tasks pile up on you. It’s a good idea to find some time in your schedule to keep your home in perfect working order, you won’t regret it.

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