4 Industries That Benefit From Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl, PVC, and plastic strip doors are often used for dividing certain areas in a space while still providing proper access and high visibility. They help with reducing the loss of any cooling or heating, but they are also great at reducing noise. Most places use these plastic strip doors to separate shipping and storing areas or provide noise control barriers. They serve as a great way to enhance workplace safety while still allowing natural light in dark areas. Because they’re clear, there’s two-way visibility on either end. Plus, it reduces dust, contamination, and even bugs. By dividing up space while still creating easy access, businesses in a variety of industries can allow large machinery or employees to pass through the PVC strip doors easily and efficiently. But what industries can benefit from this the most? Keep reading to find out.

Food-Processing Operations


Because food processing requires sanitary conditions and surfaces, using vinyl strip doors is a great way to provide protection and good visibility. With USDA freezer vinyl strips, frozen processed foods can be stored and protected in temperature-controlled areas. Plus, using clear PVC material allows employees to see and access the product easily. Singer Safety has been manufacturing PVC and plastic strip doors, industrial curtains, safety screens, rolling walls, and partition products for over 65 years. So, you know that you can invest in their systems to improve your food-processing operations. The temperature control can really help guarantee a sanitary and safe environment. Apart from food storage and processing, the same vinyl or plastic strip doors can be used to divide high-traffic areas and loading docks.

Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to manufacturing, it’s important to prioritize space to ensure maximum productivity. For example, you may want to separate specific areas to protect employees from excessive dirt, dust, or noise. Using PVC strip curtains can also keep certain areas clean if necessary. A manufacturing business can also use them to separate cutting, welding, and grinding areas or provide privacy for lockers or other spaces. This is great because the PVC strips can reduce noise. The Singer Safety Company actually pioneered noise control and safety systems within the industry. With their products, you can trust that you’re creating a better work environment for your employees.

Distribution Centers


Another industry that could benefit from using vinyl strip door kits is the distribution industry. Because they are tasked with having to manage inventory and making room for new products, it’s crucial to use space efficiently. By using a heavy-duty vinyl strip door in different areas of the distribution center, businesses can promote both safety and organization. The more organized a center is, the easier it is for employees to find the right products and start processing them for fast shipments. And because it’s easy to move vinyl strip door kits around, a distribution center can easily adapt to a changing inventory without fuss.

Warehousing and Industrial Services

All warehouses can benefit from using vinyl strip curtains. They’re a perfect, low-maintenance way to tackle dust control while still allowing visibility. They have rounded edges to ensure workplace safety. Plus, there’s a convex/concave curvature design for a tighter seal. When you’re dividing up areas of a warehouse, it’s nice to be able to create specific workspaces without having to make permanent changes to the building. Plus, it reduces noise and provides increased insulation. Roller partitions and industrial curtains may also work well for warehouses.

As you can see, a vinyl strip door has plenty of different applications. That’s why people trust Singer Safety products for their workplaces. A variety of industries can benefit from having them. If you’re looking to provide easy access to specific areas while also reducing noise and protecting workers, a vinyl strip door is a great and affordable solution for your business.

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