3 Ways to Rebuild Your Church After COVID-19

People look for comfort in different places during times of crisis. For some, it’s at a local church or place of worship. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, most of these spaces were closed during lockdowns. As things reopen, you may wonder how to re-build your church to meet the new needs of congregations still suffering the ongoing public health scare.


Even before you’re ready to re-build and reopen for in-person services, you can help your community find comfort in their church. Offer programs to help their mental health, faith-based grievance groups, and live chat support for those who need help during this time. If you’re focused on re-building for in-person services, make sure you do so at the right time, meet your customers’ expectations, and ensure the health and safety of your clergy.

It’s vital to hire the right people, find promotions on supplies, and follow CDC guidelines to ensure good customer experiences. To do this effectively, you should get customer feedback, promote yourself, look for low-price items, and do your market research. For a few no-fail ways to re-build your church, read on.

1. Survey your members.


Do you know what your congregation wants? Older adults may have concerns about the ongoing prevalence of the coronavirus disease. Younger members may prefer real-time and live chat options so they can attend church remotely. Besides, for all members of your church, it’s essential to ensure you have the best customer service even after you’ve finished re-building. Focus groups, customer surveys, and quizzes posted on social media pages can help you do this.

The best way to re-build your church efficiently is to ensure you’re focused on the right sort of customer experience. Consider signing up with a voice of customer survey platform to help survey members of your church remotely. It’s a great way to conduct a customer survey that gives you access to valuable feedback from your congregation. You can even conduct regular online surveys after re-build to continue making meaningful improvements for the community.

2. Save on supplies.

You’ve probably lost a significant amount of money already thanks to lockdowns and economic downturns. To re-build your church without going into debt, consider saving on supplies. You can get everything from robes and clergy shirts to Bibles and stoles at a great price if you shop at the right stores.

Take your search for supplies online and look for gift vouchers, promotions, and discounts. Get discount clergy robes in a varied range of free sizes or one-size-fits-all options. Also, consider asking your congregation for donations. After all, church members will be willing to help you re-build the church for their community. Make a list of preferences to ensure you don’t get unnecessary supplies that will go to waste.

3. Protect your people.


From your staff to your customers, it’s essential to protect all members of your church as you begin to re-build. Prioritize people over profit so that customer satisfaction can go hand-in-hand with the process of re-building. The best way to reopen without any issues is to put the best practices for COVID-19 in place.

Remember, even without symptoms of Covid-19, your clergy and customers can suffer from this severe illness. So, focus on disease control as you re-build. Find a way to reach older adults or higher risk practitioners without requiring their physical presence in the church. Ensure you hire the right people and put social distancing measures in place.

Consider outdoor services if you have the means to do so. Ensure that the clergy, staff, and customers don’t come in close contact with one another. Also, take immediate action if you find that anyone on your staff or in your congregation received a coronavirus diagnosis. To avoid cluster cases, hire a cleaning team, and ensure everyone covers their mouths and practices social distancing at all times.

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